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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Why does this site exist?

Welcome to the web site of the Association of Citizens for Summerland. The Association believes that Summerlanders enjoy a very special quality of life, and it will work to preserve and enhance that lifestyle. It recognizes that the vitality of Summerland does not depend upon growth and development.

Its mission is to support a safe and healthy community with a sustainable economy; to conserve farm, forest and ranch land; and to protect natural resources, fish and wildlife habitat.

The Association will support development and change if it enhances and improves Summerland’s small town character, friendly ambience and rural nature.

The initial objectives and interests of the association are:
  1. To support and advocate a rate of growth whereby the essence of the community is not sacrificed.
  2. To support the concept that at some point growth of the community must become minimal and therefore a well-planned transition to sustainability will be required.
  3. To advocate policy which recognizes that Summerland’s water is a limited resource.
  4. To protect the Agricultural Land Reserve (the ALR) except in rare cases.
  5. To inform the membership and the public of Summerland of pertinent and important issues.
  6. To be a cohesive citizen’s voice, and to monitor all Council meetings so as to keep the membership informed of important issues.
  7. To support and encourage agriculture, agri-tourism and related businesses as continuing principal industries and employers for the community.
  8. To encourage the continuance of a prosperous, healthy and vibrant downtown area and restrict commercial development of Highway 97 within Summerland’s boundaries.
  9. To encourage the development of recreation facilities, parks, public open spaces, the arts and cultural activities.
  10. To demand fiscal responsibility with tax increases limited to increases in the Consumer Price Index.


This blog was originally set up at the end of 2004 by a small group of Summerland residents to collect ideas about the future of Summerland. They were concerned about the process of revising the town's official community plan and wanted to connect with others who were feeling uncomfortable with the direction the municipal council seemed to be going.

In April, 2005, a larger group of concerned citizens decided to create a more formal structure for addressing issues of growth and council accountability and the Association of Citizens for Summerland was born. Since the general direction was compatible with the philosophy behind the blog, the original authors decided to turn it into the site for the new association.

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  • my first visit.someone is doing a fine job here,keep it up.I will be back,and I will pass this site on to some friends.B King,,,,,,,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 p.m.  

  • Thanks for your comment and encouragement.

    By Blogger Jeremy, at 10:24 p.m.  

  • May I say, from London, what a great example of a local blog this is. I've blogged a mention here Partnerships Online
    Lot more green than where I am, too!

    By Anonymous David Wilcox, at 4:15 a.m.  

  • Hello:-) I am a citizen of a little village in Poland and we have just created our own citizen association. I am very interested in the work of similar organisations in the world, so I decided to write to you. I am hungry of any experiences you can share with me:-) We have not our own website but it is to be shortly:-)
    best regards!

    By Blogger Tania, at 9:54 a.m.  

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