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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Upcoming Community Events

Monday Nov 27, 10:00am at Council Chambers, Caroline Lamont from the BHA Planning Group will be presenting the latest draft of the Lowertown OCP.

Council is using the 1996 OCP as a template and is considering amending only three sections: Lowertown, Future Growth Areas and Downtown.

The progress on the Lowertown section to date has included public workshops, a draft Lowertown OCP amendment and one meeting of Council's input (so far).

Tuesday Nov 28 at the Arena at 6:30 pm Community Workshops on Future Growth Areas will be held. Council has also made a request for public comment on the possible use of a roundabout at the intersection of Rosedale/Prairie Valley/Wharton. This roundabout would have a greater turning radius than Penticton.

The community is encouraged to take the time to attend and give input into these issues.


  • Only a very small group attended the meeting held in the arena banquet room on Tuesday evening, Nov 28. A presentation was given by Caroline Lamont, with a lot of the questions by attendees answered by Gordon Morley. Also in attendance was Mayor Gregory and Councillors Finnis and Waterman. Ms. Lamont has made up a work sheet consisting of a number of questions based on maps of Summerland, including future areas designated for residential growth. This one, particularly, is interesting in that one area is situated north and above property owned by Don Cameron as well as property owned by the Minty family in Garnet Valley. This means a lot of hillside development, fortunately not as obvious as Peachland, but still probably visible to anyone travelling down the valley road.
    The worksheet allows for a lot of input from individuals, groups and families. I would recommend that everyone who is interested go to the Municipality, pick up the worksheet and fill it in. It must be returned by December 15th. This is a real opportunity for ALL residents to make a contribution to the Official Community Plan.
    I would also like to advise readers to check out the Municipal website which apparently has a downloadable worksheet (I couldn't find it). What I did find was a copy (with corrections) of that part which pertained to Lower Town. Residents there are advised to check it out, you could be surprised by some of the Town's plans for your area.

    Frank Martens, midnight Dec 1, 2006

    By Blogger Frank Martens, at 12:19 a.m.  

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