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Monday, October 13, 2008

Election Questions

Here are a few key questions it would be nice to ask every candidate.

According to Human Resources Development Canada, agricultural employment in the Thompson Okanagan grew from 5,500 employees in 2001 to 10,000 in 2005. This was the highest percentage rate of growth of any industry sector. Will you protect the ALR from development, and thus support our rapidly growing agriculture industry?

If elected will you put the needs and desires of existing Summerlanders ahead of the desires and demands of developers?

Kelowna's Development Cost Charges are approximately $20,000 more per home than Summerland's. If you are elected and, during your term, there is a need for additional taxes, will you increase Development Cost Charges or will you increase Property taxes?

Almost 1,500 taxpayers petitioned Council for a referendum vote on the sale of 300 acres of municipal lands to the Summerland Hills group. The petition was rejected by the existing Council. If you are elected, and you subsequently receive an equally large petition, will you support or oppose it?

Do you support or oppose the zoning change to allow seven storey buildings at Wharton Street?

Do you agree that no community, Summerland included, can grow and grow forever? If so, when in your opinion should Summerland stop growing? How large can Summerland become and yet retain its small town feel and quality of life?


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