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Friday, September 30, 2005

ALC Public Information Meeting, Change of Venue

The Public Information Meeting to be held by the ALC will now be held at Centre Stage Theatre. This change was made to ensure that there is room for all who wish to attend.
So, date and time:

Centre Stage Theatre
9518 Main Street Summerland
Wednesday October 12th, 7:00pm

Please attend to voice your opinion on the ALR exclusion application, West Prairie Valley, intended use, Summerland Hills Golf and Residential Resort.


  • Sept. 30, 05
    Do towns ever run dry?
    I wonder if the weatherman will be correct for this winter. Environment Canada meteorologists from the Kelowna Office are putting together a long range forecast. The prediction for the Southern Interior this winter: warmer than normal temperatures are expected to continue but precipitation----including snow----is forecast below average for December, January and February. I wonder if climate change in only in the minds of the scientists? I wonder what might cause climate change. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    By Blogger Caroline, at 6:06 p.m.  

  • All that effort paid off! Thanks to the letter writers, the report writers, the e mailers and the phoners. We have earned a golden oportunity to explain directly to the ALC Commissioners why there is no need and no justification to remove "Area 11" from the ALR.

    By Blogger tony cooke, at 7:23 p.m.  


    On Oct. 3, I attended the 8:30 a.m. cat fight that was held at the chambers at municipal hall in Summerland. Spitting, clawing, scratching, and hissing took place. Thank goodness there is a physical separation between the staff and council. For safety sake I gently pulled out my long nail file for protection. The hissing and clawing did continue for some time. Posturing was the big player and then Mother Nature and engineering took front and center. The Value Engineering Report dated Sept. 26, 2005 is now available to the public.

    Only in part: see hot report, 6 pages for FULL details and also front page of Penticton Herald Oct 5 special by Susan McIver.

    VE team: Utilize the lake water licences. Must be activated by 2007? I may have heard $5 to 6 million needed to get us started. This figure coincides with the estimated figure for the NW Prairie Valley sprawl development to connect to the sewer for $5 or 6 million. This act would max out our sewer system to total capacity. This of course leaves us with the cost of building another phase of the sewer treatment plant.

    Keep in mind once we have hooked into the lake more mega bucks are needed to treat lake water which is still at lake level. We now need to pump the water up the hill to the new treatment plant or build another one. Government also has mandated that Summerland must have the water treatment plant up and running by March 31, 06.

    Semi-Confined Meadow Lake Aquifer: as per VE report, Summerland will use ground water routinely before NW development takes place!

    Communication between council, staff and public has been in question on a number of occasions and still is a very major issue. Council Members seem to be very reluctant to share information with the citizens of Summerland.

    The VE Report is also stating: initiate expansion of existing groundwater extraction system and explore the possibility of a partnership with the proposed Summerland Hills Golf Resort for the development of the groundwater resource!

    Mother Nature enters into the picture in a very big way now. Climate Change is here. Environment Canada is screaming out to people
    Is the Okanagan Valley Drying Up?
    EnviroZine, Environment Canada’s On-line Newsmagazine: Climate models indicate that the Okanagan in the 2050s will have warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers — with maybe as much as 35 per cent less precipitation compared to the 1961-90 average.

    Mother Nature may also get one or more of her representatives such as the Okanagan Water Basin Board to step in along with the Provincial Government saying Summerland can not be greedy. The aquifer belongs to others in this dry Okanagan Valley also. Water is liquid gold and the fight is on for it!

    The Jolly Green Giant golf course along with 1765 homes are proposed, keep in mind this is not the only project in town! A lot of people love this idea, jobs for the people, children and grand children. Mother Nature is screaming very loudly you are abusing me. Think of clean air, sufficient water. The David Suzuki Foundation in the new report is saying green house gases in Canada are now up 24 % compared to 1990 levels! This statement can be found in the Peticton Herald Oct. 4, 05 page A6.

    There are major issues to be resolved. The proponents are here to access Summerland’s cheap land and water. The imported carrot is hung out and our council is chasing it in a big way. Breath deep either to settle your nerves or take in the carbon monoxide.

    By Blogger Caroline, at 9:27 a.m.  

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